Doggie Sketch-a-DAYS I + Ramble

Touch-on experience, the subjective word called “truth”, what others say, and influences can bring about conflict. It’s one of the worse things about [freelance] writing as data is reiterated and proliferated across the net and literacy media. You’ll have to be considerate and push for accuracy into your work. Critique is a necessity.

Days ago, I was having one of those common moods where I need to tell myself to “keep going” and “I am not capable”.  What brought it up was that I was worried about my well-being, and I am easily an envious person.

One passion is drawing. When I was a child, I wanted to draw characters, either it be for comics, cartoons/animation (Note: Cartoon, by its etymology, means its on paper. I am a believer that Japanese anime is the same thing.) or video games. I haven’t accomplished such a goal, and kept writing/drawing as a hobby. So now, I have the habit of getting upset easily and want things to come to me quickly, including finance. Feeling unfulfilled is the worst. It’s a story for another time.

Couple things that should be respected in life is mentoring and patience.

Disney character designer Chris Oatley explains the importance of concept art in “Monster of Paris”, one of his favorite films:

Bibo [Director Bibo Bergeron] says that the designs for most of the main cast developed quickly (note that, in animation, “quickly” could mean an entire year) but the design of the monster was more of a struggle.
My point is that though sometimes they come together quickly (and “quickly” is subjective), a good character design takes time.


I addition to this, concept art is rarely finalize the first try. Putting it vaguely, the production process goes through various changes.

While drawing something myself, I understood and had to tell myself that it was OK. I could draw after all, I just had to learn detailed rendering, and be patient as it will all come together one day. And this is truly the truth (and I meant to phrase it that way): Practice, practice, practice. It is tiresome but it is highly effective.

Here’s an interview about Bergeron and his vision/ambition for the film Monster in Paris. (fun fact: I have a DVD of Monster House).

Here’s what I’ve been up to aside from homework:


I’m still having trouble with drawing clear hands. Drawing realism entirely. I have a class on figure fundamentals so I’ve been hard on myself for years about drawing realistically and remembering anatomy. No matter what, I still stick with general shapes. It’s simple before detail. Still, the hand remains difficult.



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