Are you Sunni or are you Shitte?! #Gundam IBO 44 #g_tekketsu


A week late. Rustal said something true and deep.

Isn’t Gaelio very handsome?

Well, to be very brief: Rustal and his Ariannhod stands against McGillis in rebellion, despite the appearance of the Bael. The rest of the Seven Stars, despite the Outer Space Fleet in the hands of McGillis, are neutral on the matter.

McGillis here is quite naive, while Rustal has his mind set on the current ethos of himself and the rest of Gjallahorn. McGillis depends on the totem god and foundation, while Rustal has his reputation and commanding leadership. Which would you prefer?

An obsolete tribe war I’d say. One depends on his attachment to a founding member, akin to hierarchical figureheads that connect themselves to a god, such as the Chinese dynasties defeating invaders. With that said, I’m reminded of what Rustal said to young Kujan:

“Legend and History are alike, but different. Agnika founded Gjallahorn, but its history was created without him. (sic) It is not a single person but an organization.”

Indeed. Rustral will deny Agnika.

As for Tekkadan, Mika finally told Atra what we all wanted to hear, which makes me think over his fate.


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