Wolves, Gods, and Demons #Gundam IBO 43 #g_tekketsu

I kept making the error of calling the masked dude “Vidal”, when it’s “Vidar”. Both are names; however, Vidar is the Norse god who slew the wolf Fenrir.

It is very suitable in this case.


Something I scratched up in a hurry.

Mika doesn’t look too bad. First time. However, I need to work on widening the forehead.

Who do you root for?

Long story short, McGinns makes his move, the gundam Bael (a name of a demon) now in his possession. His lust for power, and his rough background, presses him to change the world. Vidal finally reveals his identity, placing his former friend in the scapegoat light.

With that, Tekkadan is probably in a lot of trouble as I suspect?

I feel really bad for Ein.

Mika finally gets a good rival.



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