Michelle’s Sepulcher – Bectas MAP EX Mission #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier


TAGS: #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier
ID: 4766778298
Guild: Sky Fern

I should’ve talked about the 3rd Stage of BF a long time ago.

I was wondering over this stage since it possessed quite a bit of difficulty. The Summoner cannot rise in ability as much, and as fast, as the mock spirits that you summon. Plus, you are not allowed to have a traditional  five or six member party. The mock unit that you can have after removing a seal will have reduced BB gauge and parameters depending on the star level.

The stage Michelle’s Sepulcher (or grave) appears after you clear Bectas. If you beat the stage, you will achieve the Great War Axe, which boosts attack and critical hit rate.

It’s still a little stubborn. The unit-boss Duel can increase critical and do both fire and dark elemental damage. The idea here is stamina. Be able to heal and remain alive, because you won’t be able to nuke.

Basically, the unit Lin (you get it from her Grand Quest) regenerates your HP and BB gauge, and the summoner’s spear will boost defense and recovery. With this combined, you get a good grasp on healing (HP from Lin’s BB and rec for collecting heart crystals) and defense. It’s also a good idea for your Summoner to have Super Brave Burst (unlocked at level 20).

As for partner, make sure its someone who is attack based (ie: Axe, sword).


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