I watched #YuriOnIce: Quick Impressions

This is just the first episode. I wanted to watch it during its airing, but I guess something came up? Or I’ve decided to watch it while it was over?

The animation studio MAPPA is led by former MADHOUSE member Maruyama Masao; the director is former MADHOUSE member Saya Yamamoto (“A woman named Fujiko Mine”); Shishido Jun is a part of production; Tamura Seiki who does the setting (or art direction), however, is from Koubou BASARA.

I guess that explains why it’s kind of crisp. Anyways, this show has gained it’s popularity so why not check it out?

From a first impression, I already like the main character. This show is absolutely funny; the outlandish anime comedy is definitely one of its charms, from Yuri being teased about his fat gut to getting a video of himself leaked online. Also, we get some fanservice. I have a slight problem with the MC’s name: Katsuki Yuri’s surname has the same Kanji as Katsuki Masako (a favroite VA), and even people from Japan point this out. Now I’m going to think of the two often, especially since Masako has mentioned

Somehow, south Kyushu gets a ninja village.

A cast is very good so far, from Suwabe Junichi to Toyonaga Toshiyuki. Nishigori Takeshi, a fat dude, is Fukuyama Jun, which I think he actually sounds good here (so far). He doesn’t sound as…what’s the word? “Not airy”? Not as tight? I really hate it when they go too far off. going to get that with Miyano apparently

It’s just the first ep so I feel like a jerk for even criticizing the skating for a tiny bit. If it just had a few more frames put in there, the skating would flow like curtains. Not to say that it was bad. The spinning techniques were pretty much like watching ice skating. There was nothing rigid or inauthentic about it. I was almost inspired to watch clips from Winter Olympics. WWith that said, the skate scenes have a fine choice in music.


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