Wolf King and Space Rats #Gundam IBO 42 #g_tekketsu

Can’t wait for Vidal.

Every time there’s a freak out from these baddies, why do they insist that they can’t be killed? Very funny coming from Jasley, who plots with cold blood. I dig the new Lupus Rex (and I am biased).

So, here’s the thing. Due to the reputation they’ve gathered, growing resent among others, Tekkadan cuts their ties and returns to being a bunch of thugs. Or rather, rebels. I am considering McGinnis as well. I wish Orga told Jasley that he was stinkin’ rat, but I guess he and the rest of the Tekkadan are back in that position.

With Admoss out, I wonder will Abrau, SAU and maybe Teiwaz will cause a problem along with Gjallahorn Rustal faction?


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