Doggie’s #pokemon20th Gym leader 2017 challenge – January of Brock

Back in December, I thought of a plan. To honor pokemon, not only that I’d play Pokemon Moon, returning me to the highly celebrated series and handheld gaming, I’d draw the gym leaders. No matter how it’d turn out, I wanted to give myself a month for each gym leader. I thought of two, but it looks to me that one is preferable due to time and how busy I am. Then, I can do my sketches in open time.

So, here is Brock (AKA: Takeshi) and his signature pokemon Onix (or Iwark). I had little time so I didn’t do much sketches. So, by the end of the month, I rushed through it.


I’m sorry Brock. I’ll make it up to do. I really wanted to do full body, even attempting to draw him in the Rockium Z pose.

Here are the initial sketches. I think they look better:

February will be Misty (Kasumi). I’m not sure which pokemon just yet; Stamie and Staryu will be difficult considering the shade and sharp angles. I will have to hurry and experiment since we’re nearly halfway through the month.



One thought on “Doggie’s #pokemon20th Gym leader 2017 challenge – January of Brock

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