Gets your adrenaline going? | About #SuperMarioRun


Nintendo Company’s SUPER MARIO RUN is the company’s debut for mobile app gaming.

And, its a stark reminder as to how frustrating (although fun) 2-D platform Mario gameplay can be, especially contemporary Mario, where you can chased down and nipped in the butt by a red HOMING BULLET before you reach the flag poll.

The controls are simplistic and easy to get into. Mario runs across recognized stages automatically, and its your job, the player, to tap the screen to make Mario jump and do stunts.

It’s not as easy as it looks as you are not always able to control Mario’s momentum, and there can be a ton of obstacles, including the arrow blocks, which accelerate your speed (a problem when you’re in stages that have a ton of pitfalls). Plus, if you’re real competitive, you have special coins to catch.

And the TOAD RALLY, which is the obligatory player vs player mode.


Of course, Nintendo has to make you fork over some bucks for the full game? Is it worth it (when FE Heroes is free)? If you’re a Mario fan, and you like platform, I’d say pick it up.

The level design is familiar – the looks from any contemporary 2-D Mario with its slopes, lava, tall mushrooms, battleships, and chainsaws. Challenge yourself to pass this while unable to stop yourself, and while collecting coins.

And sometimes, just making it to the end of the stage is the test itself.

I think the prizes are a bit limited. There are characters to unlock, such as Yoshi and Luigi, but require you to win colored toads. So there’s something for your compulsory gaming senses to look forward to.

TOAD RALLY can be a little annoying too; they had to update the game where you lose less toads when you lose.

To add on to the adrenaline, there the great BGM!


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