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This may only be the first part. After Super MARIO RUN, there’s now the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, announced not even a month ago during a Nintendo Direct.

Patience is necessary. It should only get better as it’s only been released a few days ago? Besides, while the battle platform is familiar, some elements are FE are absent.

I still think it’s difficult. It wouldn’t be FE if it wasn’t; it is a standard for a mobile game as well.

However, since it takes stage completion and bucks to gather orbs for summon (among other things), you are spared from losing a character permanently. Am I sadistic to think that was a little weird? Like I was expecting it? Doggie are you crazy?! You are also spared from having broken weapons and having to buy more. Instead, you use skill points to upgrade your spells/weapons. There are no healing items either, so you need clerics and you’re not offered one in the beginning. At least, I wasn’t? So, that actually amounts to the difficulty factor.

Speaking of items, there are only those that help you level up (and you need a ton of shards) and restore your stamina and dueling swords (for player vs player).

The traditional “weapon advantage trigram” remains: Sword (red) beats axe (green), axe beats spear, spear beats sword.

When I started playing Fire Emblem, I tried to think of it this way:  “Sword can block a big weapon, big weapon breaks staff of spear, spear has better reach than sword.” Historically, the spear was the formidable opponent against the sword.

HOWEVER, I don’t think they explained the magic being strong against particular enemies. I could be confused. Mages do use the same color-code (ie: red beats green, green beats blue), but I could’ve sworn there was holy and dark, or some other damage augmentation when magic fought characters on horseback? There’s also “colorless” element. The tutorial does explain that archers are strong against flying enemies.

Stages are both a strength and weakness: they smaller, leading to reduced time to complete them, but it also leads to restricted movement and weapon range. With that said, you can get killed quickly. Also, environmental strengths/weaknesses are absent, except broken walls. For example, using the forest for cover. Again, no shops/houses that you can enter.

FE Hero is still in an initial stage.


Not much else here, even with the straight story and its corny dialogue, but you can enjoy seeing various FE characters in a different light as many artists are tasked to re-draw them.  The Fates/If characters still look pretty good. Kozaki Yusuke (コザキユースケ), a designer for If, Awakening and Cipher, does have his touches in it. Wada Sachiko (GBA FEs) also participation; so far, I’ve seen she has done the illustration for Marth. Another artist is Hino Shinnosuke (日野慎之助), who did work for Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 and STAR OCEAN: BLUE SPHERE.


But I enjoy the designs. When your character’s HP reaches 50%, you see an injured cut. Of course, the characters are assigned different C.V.

Here’s Yamada Kotaro, illustrator for FE Champion of Swords (hasha no tsurugi) and SWORD ART ONLINE:


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