Time and metacognition (and snow)

Must I hurt myself?

Last week, I felt numb over assignments that I was doing. I really dislike doing something halfheartedly, which will leave me with the feeling that I did a bad job, and might repeat myself.

But I tell myself that sleep is one of the most important things ever. That is especially when I often wake up in the early morning for work. So, when about 6 pm hits, I start feeling drowsy. By the time its 9, I feel like I must go to bed. Despite telling myself that I want to stay up a little longer to do something.

Or maybe I am just feeling the MICHIGAN BLUES?

THRILLLIST: Michigan ranked 2nd in States with Worse Winters. It can snow for a few minutes, then sunlight can break through.

I tried to look up specific statistics for school dropout rates. I’ve seen that it is estimate 40 to 60 percentage range, either for first timers or in general; in 1999, according to PROJECT INNOVATION (http://projectinnovation.biz/index.html), it was 33%. The main reason is probably work and high tuition funds. Don’t take my word for it until I find and post some good reference.

By the time you enter college, metacognition helps you adapt to the next stage of curriculum and expand on the learning. To me, the current assignments aren’t difficult to me. I have the comprehension to understand their context. However, I’m not perfect or a genius, so I have to improve.

And knowing from experience with writing, I personally can’t do a paper within a week [I may do a short chapter of 300-400 words in a 3-7 days]. I have that and more, from studying vocabulary to building skills through muscle memory. When you do essays, or even a paragraph, a report, any form of writing, you plan. Plan and revise, the planning can include research (tons of reading). That’s a standard methodology; sometimes, reading an entire report or essay takes hours, and I may not fully understand it.

I could just see this a challenge: Try to finish an assignment in three days, but maybe those three days has to be fully dedicated to school activity. No children involved, no work and don’t get too absorbed into leisure. However, I am the type to say “Do not strain over it” and do use your hobbies to avoid stress.

But the next thing I know, I have 2-3 days before deadline. I read, I may get distracted for any reason, and then I’m far from done.

May have to plan some new habits.


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