Doggie’s Top 9 Pokemon Generation Episodes (Part 1) #pokemon20th

Most times I forget that a topic just needs a few things: the case of needing to sit down, formulate a practical idea and put it in motion. I could go with another “Great BLEACH battle” or resume my tokusatsu talks. I am quite behind in all of it, and my mind is occupied with the hard decision on what to do with my time, especially with work, school, and a child that is in constant need of attention.

So, to help with my drive, I’ll talk about POKEMON GENERATIONS, a weekly series of animated shorts expressing the world of the internationally famous Pocket Monsters game franchise.

Ending with eighteen episodes and you wonder how is it possible to rate them when I enjoyed them all?

The first episode is called “The Adventure”, which is a shrew start in showing what this series is all about: Its cute mascot representing the proliferation of a twenty-year-old creation as it travels through various regions, facing against various familiar pokemon. Don’t forget that Nidoran vs Gengar introduction when you first boot up Red and Blue. The episode ends with that same mascot sizing up to Zygarde, one of XY’s signature legendary before the release of Sun and Moon.

Red still has the best Pikachu in existence. Everything to me in near perfect in this episode, especially it’s pokemon battle music. I’d probably put it in TOP 5.

Also, that round Pikachu is very similar to the early game designs from Sugimori Ken, the illustrator for the pokemon games and its characters.

I should try this out sometime! Guidelines are always a factor.


The sixth episode is “The Reawakening”, based on Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal and its three legendary Johto beasts.

Ho-Oh, Raikou, Suicine and Entei make an appearance, with Suicine having a focused role in Crystal. While there’s no battles in this episode, we remember the Burning Tower and the significance of these divine beasts to humans. Nothing more divine than a phoenix and, especially in Japan, dogs and lions as guardians.


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