Japan VA General Election #声優総選挙2017


Not a hate entry. I am tired and wet from both snow and rain.

In a nutshell: “In Japan, 200 voice overs select Best 25 of their own”. Again, and again, and again.

The acting and voice acting industry is very argumentative, and it’s a big case in Japanese anime.

If I saw that “Miyano Mamoru” was the best then I’d probably find it asinine. But it turns out that Yamadera Koichi (AKA: YAMA-CHAN) was, at least, twice elected as the “#1 voice actor”. You’d probably expect to see Kamiya Hiroshi, Kaji Yuki, Hanae Natsuki, Sakurai Takahiro, etc. Wait for the Seiyu Awards for that.

The majority of this industry’s new members are fans of anime and games, especially voice actors, longing to be a certain someone. Examples are Furukawa Makoto, Natsuki Hanae, Toyoguchi Megumi, and Ikoma Rina, who has recently caused a bit of a controversy from her reaction to this list.

I see lamentable comments such as “who are they?” Matter of fact, if you’re not well-known and retire, it gives someone the opportunity to say “So what?” or “You suck”.

If you don’t know these 25 names, then I think you need to watch more anime or pay attention, or just be patient, or just be a little curious. Like I said in a previous entry, there is a range of 300 – 700 notable [named] voice overs. Entirely, over 4,000; the program showing this election seems to suggest over 6,000.

With that said, counting 25 is pretty unfair as everyone has a opinion on who should rank where. Still, I cannot undervalue their cultural importance.


It’s crazy that I know all of them. The majority of these 25, especially Nozawa Masako, Shibata Hidekazu, and Nakao Ryuusei serve as a foundation for animation.

It’s a bizarre feeling. I’m happy, but at the same time, there’s this feeling of something being out of place. For once, I don’t see Kamiya Hiroshi; I always see Furukawa Toshio as a top ranked voice actor with a top ranked character (ie: Piccolo, Asuma). I always see the Lupin cast, I always see Oyama Nobuyo (Doremon), ONE PIECE, TOUCH, etc.

It’s not a feeling of disappointment. Maybe it’s something that conflicts with questioning or argument. One of the biggest names in anime is Midorikawa Hikaru, thanks to SLAM DUNK and Gundam series, and he is not on this list. If the voice overs work together so often, this is their answer as to who the best are? Which reminds me, again, how I hear that the VA senpai rarely work with the VA kouhai (senior-junior in workplace) .

So, we have very big veteran list.

To be honest, I was very surprised to see Suwabe Junichi, Sakakibara Yoshiko (finally!), and Fujiwara Keiji (I’m really nervous now)! Sawashiro Miyuki, the youngest in this ranking, is in Lupin III; the majority of the Lupin cast, old and new, are always mentioned in these popularity lists. I think it’s a crime to put her in TOP 5 or higher than Seki Tomokazu. In comparison to the rest of the picks, it, again, feels out of place. I see a ton of Aoni voice overs too.

Just a random ramble to get out of the body.

Yamadera Kouichi has the honor of playing whoever, including a rival, a main character, and a major-main antagonist.

Tobita Nobuo should get an honorable mention.