12 year old said that he likes to eat golden balls | What’s going on in Macross Delta FINAL, MH Ride On, Gundam IBO, Katanagari


Christmas and New Years is over.

I cleaned my Recycle Bin and removed a majority of my photos. I guess I want to remove the pressure and start with a clean slate, but it also shows how unreliable I am when it comes to reporting activity. I might need to be extra brief.

Recently, I have been feeling bummed. Upset with a sluggish life again. Too much has happened.


Macross Delta FINAL

I have to praise JUNNA here. A call out to Macross ZERO again, and apparently Lin Minmay’s music has to be the epitome of destruction for some reason. Isn’t the climatic fight always the best? At least in the case of Frontier and this said sequel? I have a feeling the movie version will be produced, and it’ll be a better recollection to this series, especially the chemistry of the characters. Hayate has his blunt mouth going for him, but he was also a guy that was careless and a mental wanderer. I suppose his love of flying, his reason, is acceptable? However, his growth towards Frejya seemed very gradual. Did you end up liking her singing? Or was he being difficult to open up?

I have to apologize. I’m not a big fan of this soundtrack, and it’s a first for this series. I difficult to explain. I guess I couldn’t find a catch to the majority of the songs.

MONSTER HUNTER Ride On AKA: 12 Year old talks about golden balls (Ep 6 – 13).


“What?!” I’m talking about Ryuto.


We are right up to episode thirteen. How do I explain a range of episodes?  I have to point out that Cheval (or Shuval) and Ryuto are extremely cute together, and I don’t get why Genie has to be so rough on Hyoro. Cheval made some interesting expressions that shows a conflict.

Rathian makes an appearance, and so does Gyroperos. And of course, the Nargacuga from the OP and earlier episodes.

Some people state that Navirou is the most annoying character. I’ll let him be since he is a cat, a sidekick, and both funny and at the butt end of most jokes. He knows he gets made fun of and is full of himself. That’ll be the “Navi Rule”. Plus, he either makes Ryuto sane or just gets him to bicker.

Navirou has the worse snore, ever. EVER!

Gundam IBO: Grown as hell Season 2


I like Hush! The hush puppy.

I just caught up this week after, maybe, six episodes? I say “grown as hell” because it’s true, especially for Takaki, Ride, Eugene, Ashton, Kudelia and Akihiro. I would say Orga too, but the only thing he upgraded in is his style. Tekkadan is the mob. Now I definitely can’t see Johnny Young Bosch threatening me…

S2 could be split into a few different arcs: “Tekkadan rocks your space socks”, “The Silent War”, and something I can’t explain because it’s a spoiler. It’s really only been thirteen episodes. It is a mess, there being too many factions. This show, however, explains very well that the inner people can have different opinions.

Series Producer/writer Mari Okada isn’t very nice to siblings from what we gather, and it looks like this may go down a path worst than the ending of Zeta Gundam. If there’s anything that I respect in this series, it’s the ordinary use of machines. Is it hard sci-fi?There’s no nuclear fuel and there’s just the use of simple techniques and items such as gigantic bolt cutters (or pliers?) and shell rifles. This is despite there being Arab Reactors. There’s also the Tekkadan’s tanks.

Katanagari #2 in short


I don’t appreciate C.V Hatano Wataru being wasted. At all.  Again!?

And Shichika (again, 7 flowers) probably dumber than Goku? Oh, but that’s the charm of him all. I’ll explain in detail another time. Katanagari should get its own entry because it’s a gem. It’s strange how I can sit through nearly an hour of casual talk between a straitlaced self-proclaimed strategist (and “epic” writer) and her “follower”, a hermit.


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