Doggie Sketch a Day + Saintia Sho Anime! #セインティア翔

I didn’t sketch anything today, but I found this really old quickie of an OC (original character) I made for a story. Cancer Hermes done about a year (?) ago. For a first time, I didn’t think it looked too bad. I only had a basic description, and just worked on it. The idea wasn’t too far from Deathmask/Manigoldo. With that said, he might need a hairstyle change so it won’t be too obvious?

I just shredded it, cleaning house for the holidays, but not before taking a snapshot of it.


In other news, the comic SAINTIA SHO will be adapted into an animated series, one of three Saint Seiya projects that is set to come (SOURCE: akitashoten). There’s no other details since it was just announced. The main antagonist is the goddess Eris and her Dryads.



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