Doggie Sketch a Day – Kiddo and #pokemon20th Gym leader 2017 challenge


This is what I did today. It looked clean with the pencil. These past couple weeks (?), I just did proportions and random doodles just to get comfortable for the New Years. I also wanted to work on hair shading again. The “woman” below was last week. It still looks like I can’t fully grasp it yet.


As for what’s next: For 2017, my plan is to draw all of the Gym Leaders of Pokemon, main series only, starting from Red to Blue and up to Sun/Moon’s Kanuha. My initial idea is one gym leader per month. It should give me time. If I go this route, to do all of the leaders, it’ll take over a year 😉 By 2018, I’ll barely be in Gold and Silver. We’ll see after the first couple of months or three. I don’t expect the pictures to be the same quality. I may only do just pen and pencil.

See my First Impressions of the Sun and Moon game.

Whether its pen, pencil or color, each gym leader would have a neat pose/impression standing near a signature pokemon that they use.

This is just me doodling. Trying to figure out a style for Brock (AKA: Takeshi), the first gym leader, and to bring out his look. For Onix (AKA: Iwark), the shading will be important. I will try to practice up to the New Years, despite the holidays. Rock shading should be fun.


Here’s my current ideas for the first four leaders:

  • Brock – Onix
  • Misty  – Psyduck or Staryu or Starmie
  • Surge – Raichu (he should be fun!)
  • Erika – Tangela

2 thoughts on “Doggie Sketch a Day – Kiddo and #pokemon20th Gym leader 2017 challenge

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