Being a College Student: I. (My weird draft)


SO my theme here is to answer these questions after hundreds of years:
How to be a good college student/what happened?
Self-motivation and what does a degree mean?

College, along with the tuition and subsidiary fees, and the question on how to pass the finals during the exit gate of the semester, we all wonder how to reach success through hard work and education. This entry was hanging in my drafts for probably half a year or more, and what I wanted to say for this initial entry was completely forgotten. I wrote down the questions “how to enjoy my job?” and “how to pass college? What happens afterward?” in my small notepad and nothing more. When I started this entry for the blog, I didn’t go back to refine it, leaving a few sentences.

This is what I did say: “I returned to school after a long absence“.

There was also something weird in the draft:

I also remember some books about drug dosage and intestinal disease stored high in the closet. I think professionalism has to do with routine.

This might have to do with advanced medical books, and they don’t belong to me, that I found in my closet. Looking at the following sentences about “professionalism”, was there some kind of revelation? There’s some kind of point that I was trying to make.

I don’t like the answer of “hard work”. It seems like a cliche phrase. “Please work hard and you’ll do well” because sometimes hard work or diligence isn’t awarded in the way you want, or not right away. In addition, “hard work” isn’t understood; some people don’t have what it takes. And, “hard work” can have various definitions. Who is working harder than others? Better or worse?

Life is not straightforward like a child. People suffer depression because they meet a speed bump in their lives where they don’t know how to react to the difference.

According to USA Today, finance is one of the greatest difficulties people living in the United States face. For example, “making ends meet” and “Debt”.

USA TODAY: You may have heard about the groundbreaking AP research from last year, which found that 4 out of 5 American adults are faced with economic insecurity at some point during their lives.

In a survey designed by Chapaman University in 2015, Personal Life is in TOP 5 of American fears.


America’s Top Fears 2015

First thing’s first is to build an agenda. Put it on paper (I prefer it) or keep it in memory. Another cliche? Probably so, but I think one of the best ways to relieve (or to avoid) pressure is to tell yourself that you want to do something and presume the accurate result of that something. That way you will start taking direction into “hard work” type of spirit.

Also understand before long that some work isn’t found mainstream.

That’s all for now.



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