Aloha~ First Impressions of #POKEMON20th Moon!


Link: First impressions of Special Demo.

I think Pokemon can really develop.

She’s here, and a good refresher for me to the Pokemon Series. Since it’s the 20th anniversary, I just hope to see more. We branch away from the conventional “reach and beat gym leaders” routine and enter the kahuna (chief or master) trials. In addition, Aloha has such a sunny disposition (ironically in my game’s case, but then, the sun and the moon do coexist) that loads your heart with friendship for both man and pokemon. It seems to show how much pokemon influenced an entire world.

There is also the mystery behind Nebby and whoever Lillie was running from.


Team Skull continues to be hilarious, with their puns [horrible script] that’s now rubbing onto me, and I continue to slow down in my advance as I search for a good team for the next trial. I’m really only my second one so I shouldn’t say much. You could say the Kahuna are the “gym leaders”, even though there are four. To cover up the standard eight gym leaders, along with the master-kahuna, there are the trial captains. I’d say beating them all are worth the awards.

As first I thought that the Aloha map was too compressed. I thought, “Huh? The second island already?” But, after thinking about it, from early games, the home region wasn’t that large to begin with. Unless it’s replay value, you rarely leave for another region. The way it goes as a standard, each route is littered with trainers and wild pokemon, and without obstacles, it’d probably take eight or so seconds to get to the next area (or town). I guess I was just concerned because I wanted to play for as long as I could after returning to this series.

Pokemon Refresh is very repetitive, especially when some pokemon are required to have high to max affection in order to evolve, but it’s cute.


Ohtani Ikue makes a “cameo”. I feel very geeky for recognizing this. In the Pokemon animated series, TV and movies, she is well known as the voice actress for Ash (or Satoshi’s) Pikachu. You can find this trainer in the Hao’li graveyard where she fights you with a Pikachu named “Ikue”. One of my favorite voice overs, appearing in Detective Conan, ONE PIECE, Corpse Party, Tales of the Abyss, Persona, and SHADOW SKILL.

Thanks to her, I re-named my Pikachu “Ohtani”. ;D


Thanks to spoiled niece, not only does such she abduct my 2DS almost every day, she presses me to pick a very dark-skinned boy. However, I don’t mind that much since I think the boys in Pokemon are very adorable. Few days ago, I dyed my character’s hair a shade of pink to make him look a little feminine.

Not sure what to think of Z-Power just yet. They are flashy, but I have yet to make them too useful just yet. I got to admit though. Seeing a Crabbralwer Hokuto-no-ken (or Ora ora Jojo) me into a rock made me excited.


I don’t have much to say on Festival Plaza. I only just linked it.


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