Doggie Sketch a Day – Long time no sniff (Random stuff)

By a wide margin, Doggie Sketch a Day is no longer “a day”; also, neither of these drawings took  5 minutes or less, or were on the same day. I’ve been busy, and I got some mental weight off of me.


This is a good example of “eye to hand coordination” in the works. No pun intended, but it’s proof that I can visually follow what I look at, and I improve on hand drawings. It’s also proof that a hand doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s also proof that basic shapes are important. If you’ve seen a MOCAP recreation, arm and wrist can be cylinders. The palm can be a square. Those are examples.


On the left, I was trying to go for a realistic look for a story character, a boy of Asian ethnicity, but it looks like I can’t get there yet. I have to get rid of that cartoonish style. Still, I was going quickly and didn’t think of the details. On the right, however, I look for the anime style as it’s someone from a super robot story.



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