First Impressions of Super Smash Brothers 3DS + Love of Monado Arts


Crappy Thanksgiving. I was actually very angry the entire day and I didn’t relax until my niece spoke to me in the evening.

Got SMASH this week and I enjoy it quickly!

Also, it has a great soundtrack that can take you back in time or just make you appreciate various franchises. Melee and Brawl had an Adventure Mode, the latter having a thick Subspace emissary story-like mode, which 3DS/Wii U seems to lack. However, it still doesn’t lack in flexible material, and no short of fun factor.

Nintendo has done plenty of collaboration games; in this day and age, it’s almost hard to imagine Sonic and Mario separate, their status forming a foundation when to comes to VG popularity.

Having played Smash Bros in the past, and its been years actually, I’m surprised that I regained familiarity of the controls. The learning curve is simple, and the fun is not just only trying out all of the game’s functions, but you gain a desire to get better. There are the computer opponents and the online opponents. Plus there are over twenty characters!

What bothers me is the lack of Event Mode, but I think I may need to toy around with the online options more. I could be wrong.

Shulk of the Monado Arts (c) XENOBLADE


翔(ジャンプ) : ジャンプ力アップ、防御力ダウン
疾(スピード) : 移動力アップ、攻撃力ダウン
盾(シールド) : 防御力アップ、移動力ダウン
斬(バスター) : 攻撃力アップ、ふっとばし力ダウン
撃(スマッシュ) : ふっとばし力アップ、攻撃力ダウン、自分のふっとびアップ

Source: Miiverse – Director Sakurai Masahiro

Shulk is definitely going to be a favorite of mine. I’ve long desired to play XB and XB Chronicles, but I have the wrong consoles. Sakurai talked about having issues with designing Shulk with balance as his specialty is the Monado Sword Arts, which adapts to various situations.

The fun in playing Shulk in this game is to make choices. Shulk’s achieved balance comes with strengthening one attribute in sacrifice for another temporarily to fit a situation. Outside of the Monado Arts, Shulk is relatively a light character. When I tried out Shulk for the first time, I tried to listen to his voice and recognize the Arts’ Kanji. Surprisingly, I recognized zan (purple Kanji; chop/slash) and geki (red Kanji; attack), which are used for Buster and Smash respectively.

What Shulk lacks is ranged attacks, such as projectiles, even though the Monado can extend to a specific range. He’s still a close fighter.

Here’s an explanation of the Arts, and when you press “B” (Special button), they come in the same order:

翔(ジャンプ) : ジャンプ力アップ、防御力ダウン
Green Kanji “Feathers” (“JUMP!”): Jump ability increases; defense down and easy to take damage.

疾(スピード) : 移動力アップ、攻撃力ダウン
Blue Kanji “Swift” (“SPEED!”): Mobility is up; offense power down

盾(シールド) : 防御力アップ、移動力ダウン
Yellow/Brown Kanji “Shield” (“SHIELD”!) Defense increases; mobility is down

斬(バスター) : 攻撃力アップ、ふっとばし力ダウン
Purple Kanji “Sever” (“BUSTER!”): Offensive ability up; knockback ability down

撃(スマッシュ) : ふっとばし力アップ、攻撃力ダウン、自分のふっとびアップ
Red Kanji “Strike!” (“SMASH!”): Knockback power up; offensive power down; oneself’s knockback is increased.


Perhaps it’s safe to say that red is desperate. 吹っ飛ぶ (futtobu) or futtobi above means “to fly back” or “flying”.

In other entries, I think I’ll talk about more of the new characters, which I haven’t tried out such as Dedede, Little Mac (my god!), Palutena (tricky defense type), Wario, and so on.

On a side note, my niece is playing and she’s determined….


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