Exaggerated dark thoughts. Discrimination in #Michigan: Race, Ethnics, and Politics


Detroit Free Press: Royal Oak middle schooler who hung noose is removed from school

If you don’t like what you see, then don’t propose it to be done on another.

There have been many times where I thought someone should die or be thrown on the streets because they did or said something heinous. It’s natural to a human being and something that should personally regulate after some soul searching. However, these dark thoughts can be extended to a group of people; extended to them and turn them into targets, figuratively.

A follow up on a previous article since the United States Presidential election. It’s great to win, and it inflates the ego, and questions the patriotism and productivity of another person who lives in the same country. I think it’s nigh impossible to grow as a human being and not have conservative and progressive views at the same time.

We always laugh at the losing side. In this case, that said side is the Leftist side, who is said to cause the country’s divide, manipulates the media, and sees more enemies than anyone else. Right?

Patch.com : Jogger and racial-ethnic slurs

(Note: Patch.com collects national, trending news, contributed by a community)

Detroit Free Press: Royal Oak School chant “Build a wall” video goes viral


The above links may well be exaggerated stories. Lies to fuel this “national divide”, the “minorities” or “target inclined” subjects using sympathy to get attention and put a false case on others.

But since this is a topic, the feeling that particular people shouldn’t be around does exist. It exists among our own family and co-workers. My grandmother distrusted Jews, thinking they monopolize wealth; my father blames Caucasians if there isn’t a Black winner of some kind of pageant (also see: Boycott Emmy Awards), and so on. When it’s exaggerated, it’s by the public.

What’s more or less worse is that people seem to contain this ignorance that discrimination doesn’t spread. Or rather, contain this idea that discrimination isn’t locked inside of the depths of the body, or it just doesn’t exist.

Just because one says he or she doesn’t do it. To refute, they talk about “[race] doing the most crime”. Same people like to talk about how Democrats were the drivers of slavery and the creators of the KKK, thus the “un-patriotic” or “enemy” image, so the Left, or those with Progressive values, adopted the seed of discrimination.

You don’t have far to look than the internet.

People (or the “Killery Cliton losers”) are angry because Donald Trump said a bunch of unforgettable slush, and even I, myself personally, cannot find an insightful answer from people, Pro-Trump supporters, within my own proximity in Michigan as to why he should be voted President. In most cases, the answer is based on some kind of disdain.

Detroit News: Trump won vote with White Working Class

All I hear every time, just because there’s gridlock, or the inability to pay less for favored resources, or there isn’t a high enough job growth rate, the excuse is that we need a change from the “Worse President in History.” A Democrat didn’t do his best, so let us switch to a Republican.

JEWISHPRESS: Most Politically balanced demographic

The Worse President in History, in my opinion, is someone who doesn’t fight for you. You can’t always have your way. And don’t forget, the one who must support you before the President is the state and congressional representatives. Judicial agents for example. That’s why you vote.

Maybe our minds are pathetic.

I don’t think I have everything in thought posted here, especially accurately. I may have to post social media examples to relay this image, but that’s all for now.


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