PKMN Sun and Moon Special Demo: First Impressions. 100% Ready!


The newest iteration of this ongoing world phenomenon, dug into the memories of both adult and child, POKEMON Sun and Moon was released on November 18th just last week Friday.  Out of Alola’s two mascot legendaries, Lunala was the one who enticed me first,  and ultimately I bought Moon. Before that, I mostly stayed with the “light side” or the “bright side” games such as Pokemon Red and Pokemon Gold. Even on Mystery Dungeon, I chose Red.

Now, my copy hasn’t arrived yet since I ordered both MOON and Smash Brothers for 3DS online. I predict that it’ll come tomorrow, and I think my patience will be worth it. Before that, I did play a part of the special demo.

First, the handheld visuals are beautiful (and I haven’t played XY or Omega Ruby/Sapphire, so this is my first game with such expressive detail) and already enticing as the region of Aloha is roughly based on Hawaii. We have a cute friend in shorts named Hau, who is probably our rival, a handsome “professor”, and all-around city landscape of the first town that you can explore with different camera angles.

Team Skull is hilarious! IMO, they’re probably the first ones that were like real street thug brutes (hey, Hau’s quote). I confused them with Team Aqua first. Team Rocket were kind of like from an old-fashioned cartoon – in tights with masks and funny hats while hanging from ropes to commit a heist. The crime groups after them would dress very fancy. Skull even has their own “big sis” (or nee-chan/anego), so it definitely has that eastern crime syndicate vibe. I can’t recall the ones that are organized on the islands. For some reason, my mind is leaning towards Taiwan.

There didn’t seem to be much to do on the Demo, but I am excited none of the less. This will be the first time I’ll experience MEGA EVOLUTION. Not sure if I’m that excited about Z Power. It looks like an overcharged ability with epic animation, but doesn’t seem that necessary. If it’s going to be overpowered, then the game better be a little tough. Speaking of which – enjoyed the fight with Totem Hakamo-Oh!

I’ll see you in Aloha!

P.S: If I get a Crabbrawler, I’m totally naming it Ippo.


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