Mario Kart 7 First Impressions


Partially boring?

Because I don’t have a 3DS, I don’t know what the 3D effect looks like. At first, I thought gameplay felt slow in early stages. I think the intensity comes with online multiplayer and later stages with sharper curves, escalating hills, and inhibiting obstacles based on weather conditions (ie: Ice, rain, mud). Of course, there’s thin roads.

And isn’t 150cc pretty darn unfair?

I don’t regret the purchase however, and would like to race more online.

RAINBOW ROAD is amazing! Flying and driving on planets, and I think by far has the best Bowser Castle theme. I haven’t seen Mario Kart 8 since I’ve been trying to avoid watching footage.

As for classic tracks, Coconut Mall makes a return!

Wuhu Loop and Music Park are some favorites.


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