Doggie isn’t scared. Just a human being #ElectionDay #WhatTheFluff


This might be some kind of trial. For everyone and maybe for Trump. I gave him over a year to convince me.

This is one of those Simmer talks where I type in haste and don’t look anything up. On Election Day, I went to sleep because I had to go to work the next day, and I felt it was better. I had no worries and I would learn the result the next day easily. When I went to work, I felt this abnormal congestion in my body. I was actually really angry.

It wasn’t even a close call. I don’t think I would’ve been that angry if McCain (w/Sarah Palin) or Romney won. Because not only a part of southern Michigangers didn’t show up, whether it was because of Bernie Sanders or some other circumstance, I felt like consequence barely matters anymore.

This has nothing to do with me being a woman, or wanting to see a First Female President, but I didn’t want to act on a grudge or felt that we’re going down the toilet. In the end, I wanted to believe that there will be some kind of light for anyone who became president. However, I (and my co-workers) mostly stayed away from the news. Was this retaliation to the “elite families” (or just Clinton) and to liberals and social justice warriors> To the NHL, to BLM, to progressive ideas including the healthcare with bizarre pay deals, etc.

To see how people think, and expect to happen for voting against Hillary Clinton because they find her a gold-haired “c***” (can’t even say nice things on her birthday), I felt that emotion was a factor.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll even watch the Future President for a good while.

Especially when I heard someone cry this morning on the radio about a woman’s handicapped son losing healthcare. And I think it was a young kid, not 26.

Is this something to cheer about? To vote based on disdain.


I was really bothered because we always go for what’s popular, even if we go really low, and salivate over that dirty bag-mouthed gunslinger from your favorite action drama.

I was always considered lower. I’m told that character was important. Professionalism is important.

I was bullied a lot growing up, from having a fake rifle pointed at me to getting burped in my face. And let’s not forget the internet, where you’re relentlessly treated like a toy or just a troublemaker for saying a few tings. In recent times, I was accused to finding rape acceptable and being homophobic. So, a part of me actually despises social justice warriors. Yes, me. You could vilify a child because this generation throws around sensitive words as a regular form of language. Like “gay” for example. And yes, a part of me hates gangs, and criminal acts. I also don’t like welfare and I don’t like BLM, or radical groups. That’s a whole different topic in itself, and probably my “blindly upset” side of me talking.

When you live, I can’t see things as “one ticket”.

That image of being treated like a piece of tiger meat and easily oppressed. Why? because I’m socially awkward. When you’re socially awkward, you’re not up to “what’s cool”, so you’re not sure what looks “cool” when it comes to fighting back verbally. So, how I was suppose to look cool against being called “fart” or “gay” or “stupid” or “wart”? Or am I at fault for reacting negatively?

You do realize that this is an EPIDEMIC?

Aspergers. Autism. Anti-social. Later on, I don’t get a uni degree, nor a long-term career, nor housing, and I end up watching my young niece and living at home. Somehow niece’s parent gets housing and barely pays the rent, associating himself with criminals, doesn’t get jail time even after getting my other niece beat up, etc.

Loser huh?

I was told that character was important. Professionalism was important. And in the end, I see this: Someone who can’t speak eloquently, so wishy-washy, and who contains the majority of the Republican issues and beliefs, winning the highest seat in the United States of America. There were far more ugly Republican candidates to pick from, a wider selection.

And I was punished severely for acting the same way.

That reminds me of hearing a former co-workers’ talk about how he dumps his dull-witted girlfriends on the phone (then why did you associate with them?) and makes fun of women in public. That also includes a guy with a speech impediment that tripped and fell, and he laughed. He’s getting a degree in Business Administration. Also, he had the nerve to say that “money makes you different”.

Maybe it’s all a lie.

I won’t even watch Trump during a Special Report, even when more children or officers are killed, and he has to stand there and lament in front of the cameras. Even Obama was criticized for that. For doing something standard.

Because I was showed that being openly despicable (AKA: “Honesty”) and ignorant with 8-year-old language makes you rich and amazing. That doesn’t inspire me at all.

Plus, Trump, you aren’t a politician? Or you don’t like being one? You’re going to have to work on it now.


State turnout SPREADSHEET

Reap what you sow. I don’t care for the protests.


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