Doggie Sketch a Day – VARIOUS!

I made an ugly banner for this topic to cover up my (sometimes) even uglier quick sketches.

Past two weeks or so, I’ve been sketching on and off. First is that douchebag Sasuke from NARUTO series). This might be my third or fourth try on him. I can’t seem to make him look exactly like Sasuke. You probably saying “What do you mean? It’s him!” Yes, but something’s too cutesy about it, and I was trying to go for the Kishimoto-look. A little frustrating as I looked at various photos, and Kishimoto, again, has a simple approach in his drawings. He wants to use fewer lines. I guess that’s how my hand makes it.


Someone on DeviantArt (or DA) is a fan of Cyber Formula like me, and wants to do a crossover fanfiction about it including other racing franchises. He/she (didn’t ask for gender) wanted someone to do character drawings, and possibly web comic material, but I only proposed to do concept sketches. I told him/her that I wasn’t that good, especially with refinement, but wanted to render some kind of idea for the characters.

This is the main character (who has car ears), his best friend, and the hat of SUGO (driving team in Cyber Formula). It’s interesting to note that he, the MC, wears goggles like the protagonists of DIGIMON series.

Here are the rivals, female (left) and male (right). For the male, it was the first time sketch; for female, it was 2nd time (after a horrible 1st one).

This one is what I call a “Scratchy scratch sketch”, or maybe its just a scribbly countour in order to bring out the form of the retro Macross  (AKA: Robotech) Helmet.



I returned to Ryu from Breath of Fire, still incomplete, and I’m still not confident about it. It’s difficult to refine a colored pencil drawing that based on powerful paintings, such as the works of Yoshikawa Tatsuya (吉川 達哉), the illustrator who was mostly responsible for the character designs of the e Breath of Fire series. Even some of the Megaman Series; he is freelance now.



Next I’ll work on some Monster Rancher?


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