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Maybe I shouldn’t use the “Digest” tag and just get rid of it because anything goes on this blog, and I made it my own recommendation to go short. In most cases, I don’t post much to begin with.

So, five episodes have aired so far. RIDE ON is a very cute show with reliable sound effects from the game series, including the monsters’ cries and the weapon impact. I am getting over the CGI as well. However, it looks to me that we may see some “curbstomps” of infamous monsters until later.

Today’s monsters was Tigrex and Iodrone. I heard that Tigarex was a brute of a monster. I haven’t fought it yet, but it gets beaten easily by Lute’s Rathalos (rioleaus) and the hunter Reverto. Episode 4 is also the debut of Simone, the header of the Royal Scribes and investigation troop, who Lilia and Navirou end up having a crush on. Navirou is plain hilarious.

Another thing to mention is Lilia’s interest of the outside world, and that we learn that riders and hunters are evasive with each other. Basically, a different opinion? Will that cause a problem in the future?

Hyoro needs to work on his courage.

As for today’s joke: Episode 4 = “Bugging everyone”.


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