Bunglay wants the Moby Dick…what?! | Digest ZyuOhger 27 – 30 #動物戦隊ジュウオウジャー‎

What? I’m serious.

Last entry: Genis’s most favorite thing? Digest ZyuOhger 22 – 26


First, I’ll have to apologize for my lack of posting. Real life has made me gloomy, and even though I’ve effectively did a full episodic review of 91 Days, I have been unable to keep up with my other shows. I didn’t push myself to sit down and write because I was tired/lazy. I have time now because I took time off to watch family.

Is Zyuohger a terrible show? As of yet, no. I am quite enjoying it. However, I have a lot of catching up to do, and I just haven’t been in the mood to write. I also keep telling myself once or twice as to why I should bother? Who’s reading it?

I’ll have to take my time. I still have to talk about Ex-aid and Ghost.

Best beam weapon ever?

First Zyuohger Cetus and the legacy of Zyuland (or Zoo?) and the CUBE WHALE, the first Guardian. Is it to be expected that the strongest warrior is the largest land mammal? Unfortunately, this creature is now a target for giant beast hunter Bunglay, who has been a deep thorn in the Zyuohger’s side for a good while. How nasty the baddies are, including the episodic monsters, shouldn’t come off as a surprise as they follow this show’s routine of being relentless, even though Bunglay is not a Dethgalien.

Even in episode 27, where Sela and Tusk are cloned with bombs attached to them, their bonds (and personalities) are put to the test. and we have to go through memory lane. Does it show how tender friendship is?

Also, guest appearance by the GOKAIGER! I missed Captain Marvelous and the gang, and they were special enough to have a couple of episodes devoted to them and the anniversary of SUPER SENTAI! It was too showy, but that’s what those pirates do. Gaudy style! So, thanks to them, we’re revealed the Grand Champion Cube and its origins.

Also, the Return of GIFT?!


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