THEY’RE! FREAKIN’ MUTANTS! First Impressions of #MH4U.

Monster Hunter 4G (Official Japanese site)

Monster Hunter 4 (Official Japanese site)

In Japan, the title is “Monster Hunter 4G.”

I am impressed by my tolerance and patience sometime. So, I’ve returned to MH4 and there’s already a lot to work with. I was so happy that there were weapon tutorials because I didn’t know what weapon to start with. Is there even a new weapon? Despite there being fourteen? Yea yeah, I’m greedy.


Now I have a lot of respect for the charge blade, the insect glaive and the hunting horn. Long sword has always been a favorite, but its wide, restricted swings in combination with glitching has been an issue during battle.

Game has no chill at it starts. You’re sailing to Val Habar, and as a tutorial for the controls, you get to fight an Elder Dragon. One of the largest monsters in this game’s series, Mohran.

I noticed a rainforest like theme. There are many exotic jungle animals outside of the familiar dragons. A humongous spider, a gorilla, a shark, bat, snake, and a toad for example.

No, they are mutants. The toad Tetsucabara (Tetsu = iron) is your first large monster challenge after Great Jaggi, and it’s probably mixed with wildebeest and dinosaur; the monkey was mixed with a flying squirrel and an elephant (or maybe its based on a sloth?). I really have to hand it to CAPCOM with the design and characteristics of the monsters.

Despite their intimidating looks, a little practice and armor upgrade, which means spending money, doesn’t hurt. Your attention to what you bring as equipment, weapon included, is rewarding.


You also have your side companions, which are palicos (feline race). My current group is Ace Palico Anji and healer Palio Latio, named by me. JUST TODAY, and just today, I experienced my first online hunts.

To be honest, I didn’t think that I would do well. I rarely played fighting/action on handheld, and I thought the controls would be complicated. Actually, my hand has been experiencing some pain too.


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