“The Adventure of the Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険): NAKAMA! “FLUTE 1” (PART 3)

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The Adventure of Hero Flute (勇者フルートの冒険; yūsha furūto no bōken) by Mrs. Asakura Rei (朝倉玲) continues.

In Flute 1 (following the prologue or Flute 0), which is called “Battle of the Black Mist Swamp” (黒い霧の沼の戦い), 11-year-old Flute, a boy from Sill Town, is the true hero of the Golden Stone. Now the King of Romudo acknowledges this.

Battle of the Black Mist Swamp” (FLUTE 1) has forty chapters total divided into five parts, each with its own number of chapters.

Here is the first part’s seven chapters: 第1章  金の石の勇者 (Hero of the golden stone)

    • 1.Training (稽古; keiko)
    • 2.Black Mist (黒い霧; kuroi kiri)
    • 3.Departure (旅立ち; tabidachi)
    • 4.Hero volunteering (勇者志願; yuusha shigan)
    • 5.Opening to the public (謁見の間; ekken no aida)
    • 6.Fortune Telling (占い; uranai) BAD LUCK!
    • 7.Sword and guard gear (剣と防具; ken to bōgu)

This is about chapter 6 and 7, and then we’ll go into the next part, the Sword of Flame (炎の剣; honoo no ken).

Note: The castle town (where the King is) is called Diira (ディーラ). It could be “Deela” or “Dila/Dira” or “Dealer”.

Goris (real name: Gorantos/Golantos), Flute, and the Romudo King are taken to the underground of the castle, where they meet a man name Yugil (ユギル; yugiru), the King’s fortune teller. Yugil has predicted that the hero would emerge from a dangerous forest, but did not think it would be a boy. It took Yugil and Goris a decade to find the true hero.

King, Flute, Yugil, Goris, and noble servants have a discuss about the location of the fog, which spreads across Romudo. Yugil states that it shouldn’t be left alone. It’s also suggested that Ester Kingdom, rumored to be connected to the fog, is not going to trigger war. Yugil also says that this great fog is not from a source of magic.

Flute honestly admits that he doesn’t know how to dispel the fog. Yugil says to head where the home of the Dwarf are – at highest northern mountain ridge. It’s there where Flute will find a companion. YES! NAKAMA!, Then, when not alone, he will move south at the center of the mist. Despite his fortune telling, Yugil can’t determine if Flute’s friend is a dwarf, and Goris explains that the dwarfs, earth diggers, have little to no interest in the human world. Also, it’ll take ten days to get to the north peak, home to dangerous animals and severe weather conditions.

Flute, having traveled days to the castle from his hometown and fought against forest monsters, declared his determination to go to the north. The King offers Flute the Crown Prince’s longtime Mirror Shield (a shield polished brightly).

After a well-deserved meal and wash up, Flute is given Goris’s family longsword. Goris can’t follow Flute as an companion, and both student and master embrace each other as thanks. Now, Flute has gear, which included a magical chainmail and a polished shield; Goris wanted to call him the “Silver Brave”.

He also expresses concern for Flute, wondering if the boy is scared. He is not sure if the sword can face an enemy that’s not a human being. That is within the darkness. Flute, however, understands fear and hopeless, from himself and others, and believes that he as the hero with the stone can make the fog disappear.


“I want to try and see.” There was no hesitation in Flute’s voice.

The next morning, Flute departed for the north peak.

“May God be with you, Hero.”


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