LIFE! (and feeling bad for Cerotto) | Doggie Digest of #91Days Episode 12 FINAL


I’m not too reliable aren’t I?

I have a ton of entries regarding the following: BLEACH fights, Monster Rancher monsters, Monster Hunter 4U impressions,  Adventures of Flute (soon?), Mario Kart 7 impressions (soon), Tokusatsu entries, and 91 Days extra thoughts. It also requires me to take photos.

Does anyone really care for my short opinion? I’m not getting paid for blogging, info can be found elsewhere, and I think work is wearing me down. It’s like I spend my off days languid. To be honest, I didn’t want to write. Due to my tendencies, I create “Doggie Digest”. It is a challenge to make short stories  – make a point and inspire the reader.

One should try it.



Revenge is achieved for destroying the status of the Vanetti. I felt so bad for Tigre. Every random side gangster that were firing at each other looked like a dude from a 1950s noir film. Just round caps and fancy suits.

Easily one of the best scenes is Avilio crying and a fuming Nero pointing the gun at Avilio’s head. Also, a grieving Cerotto.

What did Nero’s family/friends die for? Avilio stated that Nero should’ve shot him seven years ago. Otherwise, this entire crisis wouldn’t have happened.

The ending, after all this articulation about why do one live (and died), leaves you to an open guess. You could say that Avilio lived with Nero to renew his “life” and get married, or Nero predictably followed the mafia code and kill the one who ruined him. The latter could also work due to Avilio being “empty” and only living for revenge. As expected, Avilio did grow a liking to Nero after all. Who didn’t?

From Twitter, there is the impression that there was a good ending?


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