#WHATTHEFLUFF. Glove State Murder, Crime, and Jesus Complex?



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(Photo is screenshot of last week’s FREE PRESS)

The preacher says “Let him go”? Makes me wonder what most people who strongly devoted to God think. God wouldn’t forgive a soul who’d defy His Name, and evil is definitely defied, but Jesus forgave everyone. This isn’t a fairy tail. As much as I watch shounen and cutie pic shows, this isn’t a game.

Speaking of which, IKKI!

The thing about Jesus’s forgiveness is that they followed him, and when they didn’t, they paid the price.

I’m not allowing forgiveness in a single thing, especially with kids involved, as long as this badge of “violence capital” remains. Do I have to make a list of shootings and domestic violence that happens in Michigan? As I mentioned before, in Michigan Police I, topping southwestern Michigan’s crime is assault and burglary. Why?

More related to the article in the first photo. The so-called “reduction” of urban crime (SE Michigan) is just as meager as unemployment rate. It’s still too high. Look below. I just wish I bought it but I kept forgetting. Not to mention, there was ANOTHER article about the “literacy lawsuit of Gov. Synder”.



“In 2015 [last year], Detroit’s homicide rate was 43 per 100,000.” Compared to Chicago’s 17 and New York’s 4. Also, last year, the crime rate was triple of the national rate.

Next time in WHAT THE FLUFF: Clowning around edition?


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