“I LOVE DEFENSE!” #Pokemon Brave Frontier Growing Units #ブレイブフロンティア

TAGS: #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier
ID: 4766778298
Guild: Sky Fern


  • BC: Battle crystals. Fundamental to increasing BB gauge.
  • HC: Heart crystals. Depending on your unit’s Rec (Recovery) stats, collecting them heals HP (Hit points)
  • BB/SBB: Brave burst and super brave burst (Special attacks)
  • Sparks: Increases damage. Sparks are produced when unit attacks connect enemy at same time. It is easier to do during brave bursts. More BC are produced.

I have the Bariura Family to work on as well, 6 and 7 star. Also, an entry on the new Summoner AVATAR chapter. It is difficult, but I love to grind and train for new results.

Here are some of my old units that I recently upgrades.


Flame Paladin DARVANSHEL – Mitigation/Defense boost
I don’t understand how I sometimes can get a high quality photo via screen capture one day, then a small one on another day. I haven’t done a BRAVE FRONTIER entry in a while. Like Emilo, Kranz, Bargus, Lara, and Shera, Darvanshal is a mitigation unit – their abilities (leader skill, BB, etc) decreases damage by a percentage. However, Tridon is also considered a mitigation because of his shield (gives you an “extra HP bar”). Some units like Bargus and Paris can reduce damage to 1. Some units negate critical damage.

Looks good so far. His leader increase HP, but it also negates a percentage of damage, stats ailments, and DEF ignore attacks. BB increases MAX HP too (aegis means shield); SBB can, not only boost DEF, but put DEF amount into ATK. I don’t know what his extra skill is just yet.

Now, the question is how does his defensive abilities compare to Shera and Elimo?


Goddess FELICE – BB/BC boost unit.

I got FELICE! but she’s on the bench for right now because she’s often used as a partner. I’ll work on her soon. She already has a good leader skill that boosts BB gauge when damaged, increases the efficiency of BC and unit parameters. BB, so far, is about the same – you gain BB energy when damaged and per turn.


Angelic champion NADORE – Status/BB Buffer.

You’d see her in the Arena, correct? That’s cause her leader skill can increase HP, and either your attack or defense increases depending on unit HP. However, a 7 star, the HP increase is low at 30%. Usually, it’s 40%. Maybe the emphasis is the battle technicalities of attack and defense stats. Her BB increases light elemental damage (like Melchio) and ATK, DEF, REC. Her SBB does the same, in addition to increasing BB gauge when damaged. So, a good support unit.


Divine General IZUNA – Spark Buffer/Enemy Mitigator

“Enemy mitigator” means the unit can cut down the enemy’s attack and defense, which I think the former is a bit more effective when it comes to bosses. That is her BB. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much else about her yet. Her leader skill increases attack and HP, also spark damage.


Collab unit Princess TYRFING – BB Buff/Assault unit

Tyrfing (the name of a sword)  was from Phantom of the Kill collaboration, also a mobile game. Laevateian and Zero are also from the same collab. Mine is currently 6 star, and she can go up to 7 star.  Good unit so far if you increase her offense – her leader unit increases attack, critical hit rate, and BB gauge increases when damaged. Both BBs can increase BB gauge; BB can cause Curse, while SBB adds light and dark elemental  to attack (like Krantz).


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