Doggie’s Sketch a Day: Ginga Experiment

I had a rest day, watched the final of 91Days, and the first episode of Monster Hunter RIDE ON. I need to talk about both, along with the new chapter of Brave Frontier and my new summons. Plus, good Arena units.

My first impressions of Mario Kart 7 and  MonHun U4.

New Gundam Orphans!

Despite looking over tutorials and studies for light and shadow, I can’t seem to understand armor reflection. The basic of it all is that the metal reflections many things that surround it, and there is a lot of contrast, and the blending of compatible colors. One small thing I don’t like about professional tutorials is that even if you follow directions, the result won’t turn out the way exactly as explained. It is already imbued into their physical memory. Little mistakes will be made, so it all depends on your constant practice. Not to mention we won’t always draw the same. So, what I do like to see is my own progress.

For example:

Tips for guidelines and basic techniques are helpful however..

Anyways, since I’m so adamant about Saint Seiya, I’m trying to go for the shiny look to the characters’ various armors, especially the Gold Saints. Fantasy armor in general. How can I draw fighters for fantasy or sci-fi games if I can’t figure this out? Still want to draw a paladin

One thing I’ve noticed is that the light-middle-dark (sometimes highlight to middle shade) seems to go a particular direction. Also, many artists image an area as a “plane”.




Anyways, back to color. As this is a SaD (Sketch a Day), I wasn’t trying particularly hard with the armor’s shape here. I went with a cute SD look, thus the big head. I just made something simple to start with. Ginga has returned.


I tried different pencils to start with. Obviously, this didn’t take 3-5 minutes as this was a shading experiment. I’ll put it in the SaD list anyways; the dimensional effect is a bit subtle?

The “buttons” on the shoulders are important – it’s where the “stoles” hang



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