“SHINING AND NICE! #BeybladeBurst! Ep 20 – 25 #ベイブレードバースト (Doggie Digest)

Reporting! Iron Ring Sentai BEYBLADEJYA (鉄円戦隊 ベイブレージャー)! KA-CHINK! Again, I had to play catchup. Considering the arrival of the dub, I need to be careful of what I say on social media.



New character is introduced – the obligatory blonde Engrish-speaking American character with thick, silly accent, Zac the SUNSHINE! And he’s voiced by Namikawa Daisuke (浪川 大輔). Coincidentally, I spoke about him being the choice of voicing an annoying rival in a fiction that I work on (see Doggie’s Sketch a Day: Kannosuke + Oda Nobunaga in games (Reading “Evil”?))

Here’s a quick run down.

1.) Sword of Flames vs BeyClub battle is over, with Shaka ending it on top. The characters receive invitations to area repechage matches for the Nationals. Shaka’s technique is “The One Impact”.

2.) Kensuke leaves us in tears, and we are proud of him. I definitely know he’ll come back. If the main characters received invites, I’m sure he’ll have his and should become a rival later.

3.) Since this is a shot in who gets into the Nationals, our characters bout with one another. Friend vs friend. What’s insulting is calling any match “close”. Valkyrie receives a speed upgrade, due to a shaving of the blade base, and Valt  barely struggled against Kiyama and Ukyo. Hoji vs Wakiya was way worse.

4.) This speed upgrade is called an “Awakening”.

5.) Daina (Daigo) is feeling a lot of pressure from cheating against Yugo, and eventually quits the BeyClub.

6.) Wakiya and Hoji lost in a practice match against Zac the Sunshine’s bey ZILLION ZEUS. It’s to be expected from one of the Four Spin Emperors (shintenno).



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