Doggie Digest of #ChaosChronicle. #SevenKnights???

CHAOS CHRONICLE, not “CHAIN“. Played this game for a little bit, but decided to remove it for space.


GOOGLE Play Store: Chaos Chronicle

Facebook: Chain Chronicle

Not sure if you played SEVEN KNIGHTS, but it vaguely reminded me of it, from the map to the Manatech Tower. There is no full voice acting, as the only thing you here are the cute sounds from the units attacking.

In CHAOS CHRONICLE, an android/iphone/ipad game developed by NEXON COMPANY (and I was a player of MAPLESTORY, probably the company’s signature game), you’re a leader of the feudal house and, like in every standard RPG, you go on adventures to protect the world. To do that, you’ll need to grow strong and hire allies (who are your vassals).

Character art look smooth, while the icons use cute emoticons during cut scenes. Of course, there’s your fan service (with “Oh so Japanese” style bouncing breasts. MOMO, do you stuff money in those things too?). Momo’s humor and bratty wit is probably one of the game’s highlights. You’re a house leader, but she pulls you around like a toy and annoys you with her greed.


You have your obligatory Shop, Arena (PVP), survival mode (or “climb the tower, get through stronger enemies”), RAID (AKA: Boss mode), Adventure/Story mode, and Guilds. There’s always guilds! And I rarely join them because I like going it alone most of the time to get stronger. Of course, PVP is barely fair, randomizing your choice of a foe, who is usually stronger than you.

You’ll have to get lucky to summon stronger allies, so the effort is playing this game is “being patient” and “keep playing” rather than training or going on quests for better items. You can get a 6 star weapon, but you still need that lucky summon. Of course, there is the reward of getting a strong knight character if you pass enough missions.

And of course, there’s SUMMON. In this case, “vassal recruit“.

The vassals are also called “heroes”, coming in different shapes and sizes, and abilities from attack to support. Beastkin, humans, devils, etc; their abilities can create status ailments that cause your foe to bleed or become paralyzed, or they can heal or protect your party. In various RPGs, there is a fluid mix of future technology and fantasy combined, so I think it’s weird when people ask if they should they be combined or not.

Gameplay is very simple though. It’s mostly automatic, and you tap a button to trigger a skill, which consumes mana points (MP).


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