Doggie Sketch a Day – Akechi Brothers (明智兄弟)

Still haven’t found my new glasses, but I tightened up my current ones. It was one of those days when I again upset myself about money.

By the way, the category “Doggie Projects and Others” has to do with personal work (and others), such as art, articles, etc. Something I did; it’s like The Adventure of Hero Flute, which is Asakura Rei’s online novel, and the various artists who do pieces from Brave Frontier.

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Haven’t been sketching, so this was done on different days.

Pretty good yeah? I don’t think I’m ever consistent with these characters (but I’m amateur, so it’s to be expected), but what I was looking for was the identity to show that they were related. I spoke about Gakuto before (links above), who has a older brother named Rokuro. Each time I drew him, he turned out mostly handsome, but I think his hair is a little shorter here? Not too bad.


I want to be like my big brother (nii-san)


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