Iga and Koga. Beginning of Shinobi Hyakka (忍び百科) + Sketch a Day


From Hattori Hanzo to Ishikawa Goemon, a new category!!

Hyakka (百科) means “encyclopedia” or “many objects for studying/observing” or a “compilation”. For many years, I did research on the ever elusive figure called shinobi for a particular project: A lengthy epic and family saga called the Seishin Ninpōchō (清心 忍法帖), which I started in 2008. I can’t break anywhere though, because I learn something new everyday. From Japanese culture to historical reports, there is something new. And whatever I find, there might be a different telling of an account. It’s history, what do you expect?

We all have this fascination.

Shinobi are also called ninja, suppa (water breaker or folly), kusa (grass), kanja (dark people), rappa (乱破; something like “causing disorder/breakouts”). There are also various connections to the word “robber”; they are surrounded in myth and suspicion, changing the tides of battle with their unconventional tactics, always figures in creating chaos.

In superficial means, the media fame of ninja are propped by this image of being unbelievable fighters. Sorcerers even, perhaps due to the many tales of them tricking their opposition. So, with the Hyakka category, I will cover fictional, and supposedly real figures connected to the words “Shinobi” and “ninjutsu”, tell their stories, and their connection to media (you know what that means right? TOKUSATSU and corny 80s movies!)

Today’s terrible Sketch a Day to fit today’s topic:



Nothing I didn’t commit much into because this morning, I spent time on a careful piece: A (hopefully) better drawing of Ryu from Breath of Fire.

For a long while, I wanted to design Sarutobi Sasuke as a kid.




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