Art Highlights: #BraveFrontier + Thank you for Hermes

For the first time, I paid a DA Artist (?) for a commission because I was enjoying her Brave Frontier art. So, I thought “Why not? Let’s try it out and see how it comes out”. I didn’t know who to request for at first. Few ideas came to mind, such as a story OC or a NARUTO character.

Then, the decision came to Narcoleptic unit Hermes.

(Comm) Hermes
by XenonB on DeviantArt

What impressed me the most is that I showed XENON my terrible sketches (old and new) for references and a description. I never drew the spirit raptors, and they turned out impressive here! There’s even the belt pouch and the shoulder armor. It’s near perfect. Thank you so much XENON. I want to repay you one day.

Through Twitter, DA and Pixiv, I found other interesting pieces. I think I’ll do this more, maybe three or four per entry. Today, I’ll do five as a starter.

The Dark Warrior
by XenonB on DeviantArt

ZENON again, drawing one of my favorite units: Zephyr of the 12 Guardians.

Collab with XenonB – Dilma
by Hyrchurn on DeviantArt

Hyrchurn’s Dilma!

Happy Birthday Xenon!
by Hyrchurn on DeviantArt

Hyrchurn again, but I couldn’t get over this cute Shida. Baruira’s most dangerous scientist isn’t very threatening.

Brave Frontier: Keido/Quaid
by azuila on DeviantArt

My man QUAID! By Azuila.

Lastly, there’s Deen of the Palmyna warriors with a rabbit. I don’t remember the Japanese cultural reference of a rabbit breaking down something.


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