6 “Bad to the Bone” Bikers

I think it was a month ago. While driving, I saw a guy, burly looking old guy with his skullcap and sunglasses riding on his motorcycle. His bike had a sidecar, and guess who was in it:

His partner right? Of course! His partner was a big guy too; he or she looked to be large white thick-coated terrier.

Turns out it’s not that weird.

I can’t wait for another Annual Dog Day! So, here are videos of dogs riding with their owners on motorcycles!

1.) In the Philippines, here’s Reyes and his dog Bogie, the Askal (Aspin).

2.) One of my favorite songs, and driving songs, “BAD TO THE BONE” by George Thurugood (originally) with doggie Zeb!

3.) A trailer of a documentary called “SIT STAY RIDE” about America’s Sidecar dogs. Totally not weird.

4.) The ever famous Brad and his golden doodle Moki! You can find a few articles on them. Various vids and images.

5.) Golden retriever takes the front!

6.) From Japan, here’s Riki, 3-year-old black Shiba Inu, and Dan, 13-year-old red Shiba Inu. They belong to the Nomura family.


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