To be honest… | Doggie Digest of #91Days Ep 10

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I did the “good scene” ranking entry yesterday, and this episode made me think about it. That is because the viewers appreciate the aesthetic non-verbal communication from this series’ characters.

When the entire series started, what do I bring up? The different views of justice, how feuds entwined the series’ events, and the hard-boiled portrayal of how these characters act the way that they do. Must act.

And I also mentioned that whacking even your closest, your right-hand, or even your wife or sibling, even a child, is nothing beyond a crime organization (see HardBoiled Drama of 91 Days Pt. 1 (Spoilers)). They’ll do such if it gives them reassurance.

Revenge begets revenge.



2 thoughts on “To be honest… | Doggie Digest of #91Days Ep 10

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