Get fired up for #Pokemon! #TeamPopplio???

So during this week, I felt like I had some weight again. Due to having a little money and in attempt to make better future choices, I am a stingy type. I also think about others more than myself, I like saving money, and my best kind of leisure is relaxing at home in peace. I worried over my work position.

I gave up, and told myself, “I am first. If I don’t do something, I’ll grow older with a negative sight of everything. I need to care of oneself”. So, I purchased this:


2DS with MK7 digital DL

Along with a Legend of Zelda bag, and this game to get me further stimulated:


Good job Doggie! I feel like a 12 year old: Waiting for this thing to get here is agonizing.

I wanted to buy a New XL for the sake of my vision. XL has the wider screen, but I went cheap instead. I didn’t want to go over 200. It still bothered me, but I can’t criticize myself for going with a wise choice. Reviewers state that it [2DS] is still a good, effective handheld system. That should be enough. I can also share it with niece.

I almost pre-ordered PKMN SUN, but I’ll wait after another payday or two. Until then, I’ll get myself and others fired up for Pokemon. Because GO is not doing it.

We start with the first episode of POKEMON GENERATIONS. Starring Red and his Tang Soo Doo Pikachu! Familiar music, the origina design of Pikachu, and great animation for an epic 3 minutes.

Also, a cute video:


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