#91Days “Good Scene” (名シーン) Episode Ranking

The official Twitter account of 91 Days (@TV91Days) and Manachi Broadcasting station website (MBS: 91Days) asks the audience of this crime drama to rank a “good scene” in each episode.  The votes were collected from Manachi and there are two scenes per episode. Screenshots were shared to match the scene, but I missed most of them as airing continues. So I went through all the trouble to check 91’s timeline to collect the ranking.

What I like is the appreciation of non-verbal language and dialogue. It’s a true drama.

For example, here are the results of the first episode:

Episode 1:
1st Place: “Avilio’s smile wrought with insanity (the beginning scene)”. Since it’s the start,

2nd place: “Angelo looks at close friend [Corteo] and younger brother happily”. Interesting pic. A genuine soft smile is something we’re rarely see from Angelo. It shows the change of mood.


Before I watch episode 10 tomorrow, let’s get to the results.


Also, I added “91 Days” as a category!

Episode 2:


1st: “Avilio pointing gun to Vanno as he introduces his name”. I’ll actually agree with this. Steps towards his revenge truly begin here, and to a very hectic feud.

2nd: Avilio saying “It’s funny” (滑稽だ; kokeida) to Ronaldo”. Probably has to do with him embarrassing Ronaldo, or maybe due to Avilio rarely speaking. He doesn’t seem the type to joke (see episode 4)


Episode 3

1st: “Nero grabbing Avilio’s lapels”. You can tell that Nero was pretty pissed from seeing Vanno.

2nd: “Avilio questioning Cerotto about the location of Serpente’s dead body.” The mood is serious here as Avilio feels like a real hitman, willing to kill Cerotto to hide his tracks. Like I said before, it’s the beginning of the show’s tension as Avilio unveils himself.

Episode 4:

1st:  “Nero boastfully shows off his juggling.” One of my favorite eps. I’ll actually agree with this.

2nd: “Vanno passes out” (flashback scene in the beginning. He was drunk)

Episode 5

1st: “Nero and Avilio making idle jokes towards each another”

2nd: “Nero invites Avilio into the Family”. At first I thought this meant the scene in the Lodge, which seemed too silly, but I believe this has to do with the beginning scene in the car. Makes more sense. And Nero sharing his cigar.

Episode 6:

1.) “Orco waking up to see Fango and the others in front of him”. Maybe the…whole scene? Or Japan hates Orco’s guts they couldn’t wait to see what was in for him.

2.)  When Avilio told Nero ‘Kono toki o matte ita.’ (I’ve been waiting for this moment!)” The Lodge scene when Avilio shot Nero. Some “practice” for his vengeance 😉

Episode 7 (it said “6” but I edited it):

1st: I think it’s “Nero rises from seat to get the phone call from Fio. Avilio watches.” Really?

2nd: “Ronaldo saying he’ll settle the matter with Nero.” Is this with Fio?

Episode 7.5:
1st place: “Avilio saying to Corteo: ‘Ore tachi, kyodau da rou?’ with his smile”. Why wasn’t this in episode 1’s rank?

2nd Place: “Fio shoots Ronaldo”. Why wasn’t this in episode 7? I thought that rocked.

Episode 8:

1st: “Called about finished business [with Fango], Corteo backs away with fearful expression.” Episode was wrought with tension so it’s understandable.

2nd Place: “Corteo swung the bottle.” All day baby!

Episode 9:


1st: “Barbelo’s look to Avilio.” By the look of the screenshot on MBS, it’s teh scene when Barbelo asks Avilio to leave the room. When he does, Avilio gives him a side look of suspicion.

2nd: “Avilio’s look of hatred towards Vincient.” Agreeable. Shrewd and nice.

What are your favorite scenes? Do you agree with the above?


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