I can’t be a Beybladjya | Doggie Digest of BEYBLADEBURST Mobile game #鉄円戦隊ベイブレージャー! #ベイブレード #ベイブレードバースト


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The western hype of LET IT RIP returns, thanks to Burst’s airing. As for its video game:

This thing is not “let it rip”, BUT “LET IT RIGGED”. Rigged to unreasonableness. What is going on?! No, BEYBLADE BURST either takes way too much patience or it’s absolutely unfair.

After you win your first practice battle, it’s like everything else, from computer and player, is better than you. Is it trying to force us to pay for better/stronger bey parts? And it’s like if I hit a Bey, like I must, a chunk of my life is taken off. Your opponent barely withers

You’re probably wondering: “You keep fighting a bey of opposing attribute.” Doesn’t look like it. I recently fought Ragnarok (AKA: Rocknavor), a stamina type, with Valkyrie, an attack type, and it’s like I was completely levels below.

Other that that, interesting customization options. Also, Deathscyther is “Doomscizor”. It had to be a little intricate huh? The other Beys, such as Valkyrie and Spriggan, gains their own share or consonants. There’s always a change when there’s death-life, religion, or mythology involved that may not break well with youths. Doesn’t Sprygen and Valtyrek a little more confusing?

Horusood (Holisood) remains.


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