STRONG! New BraveFro Units for Doggie #ブレイブフロンティア

TAGS: #ブレイブフロンティア #bravefrontier
ID: 4766778298
Guild: Sky Fern


  • BC: Battle crystals. Fundamental to increasing BB gauge.
  • HC: Heart crystals. Depending on your unit’s Rec (Recovery) stats, collecting them heals HP (Hit points)
  • BB/SBB: Brave burst and super brave burst (Special attacks)
  • Sparks: Increases damage. Sparks are produced when unit attacks connect enemy at same time. It is easier to do during brave bursts. More BC are produced.

Tired. I have a long week, but I can have a day off tomorrow. My Brave Frontier entries has been lacking. I collect the photos, but I sometimes dislike Photobucket. They make my computer slow, so today I’ll just upload the photos to the blog. Turns out the quality of the pics are much better.

Overall, I’ve been lazy. Let’s get started.



– SPARK BUFFER male unit. Good for FF/FG and Quest?
One of the newer units, appearing along with Hisui. His temperament, a blood-thirsty warrior who seeks for the ultimate battle, relates to his name. Shura or Ashura (阿修羅) is a demon who enjoys fighting. Ashura also means “Scene of carnage”. The names also represent deities from Buddhism and Hinduism. The Hindu deities are usually sinful (ie: jealously, greedy, vain, etc), opposing the Devas. In Buddhism, Ashura are demigods and are sometimes viewed to be demonic or driven by a particular negative passion such as wrath and pride. They are from the Asura Realm, which is also called the Jealously God Realm.

Anyways, I’m rambling. Shura is a SPARK BUFFER! Leader unit increases spark damage, but also increases HP and your stats if your HP is high enough. BB and SBB emphasizes on spark critical and damage, plus increases BC productivity. So, this unit should support the BB Gauge and critical as the rounds passes. I should put him, Eze, Rosetta, Silas, and Vern together.

You could say that Shisui is a shura demon too. Shura is initially 7 Star and has an Omni Form.



– Non-gender
One of the newer units and a most demanding one. I got really lucky today. I jsut got him so not much on him yet, but apparently he’s effective in Frontier Gate. Great leader skill that boosts BB gauge when damaged and increases parameters, so its good for the Arena. BB increases MAX HP, boosts BB gauge, and reduces damage from non-light/dark attacks. I think that’s great.



– Universal Buffer/Support.
An important story unit along with Kalon, connected to Ishgria. I’ll put aside the history/spoilers. He already looks good. Leader Skill strengthens the effect of BC, increases parameters, and Attack and Defense depending on your HP. Extra Skill increases ATK/DEF further when BB gauge is high. BB and SBB alternate stat increases (ie: Def into ATK, ATK into DEF), increases OD, and effectively increases BB gauge when damaged. SBB can increase critical hit and damage. UBB increases status, spark, enemy stat reduction, and heals HP.

Plenty of potential. Maybe I should put Melody together with Shura and another spark buffer.



BB Support

A lovely warrior monk. Leader skill increases stats when BB is high ,and overall parameters are increased. For now, I didn’t train him high enough so all I can say that his BB increases BC/HC drop rate, BC efficiency and boosts BB gauge.


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