#WHATTHEFLUFF #michigan Literacy Lawsuit in Detroit

“What the Fluff” is “WTF”. Something I thought of while at work. I was listening to the radio during break and I heard of this. I like silly or shocking stories (say “someone got their genitals cut off by a bird”. That’d go in “WHAT THE FLUFF!”) and I thought I should share more news.

Quoting TDN:

Attorneys representing the students say the filing is the first of its kind in the nation for its demand to secure the students’ legal right to literacy in federal court under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

How are you “denied”? Sounds like a Civil Rights suit  because with the mention of the 14th Amendment, it’s implied that there’s no equality.

So apparently kids in Detroit are having difficulty in reading and writing, and its the teacher’s . Also, relatively parallel to the Flint Water Crisis, was the condition of DPS or Detroit Public Schools. Poor conditions, such as lack of pay and bad building construction, has led to long-term strikes from the teachers.

In addition, FP: low test scores and proficiency and Ranked less than 5% in M-STEP..

Another quote:

“Instead of providing students with a meaningful education and literacy, the state simply provides buildings — many in serious disrepair — in which students pass days and then years with no opportunity to learn to read, write, or comprehend,” the 133-page complaint states.

I guess what’s next for me is to find stories from actual school teachers, including my own family members.




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