More #WHATTHEFLUFF: #childabuse 3 year old beaten up because mom can’t get the green stuff

The owner of this channel apparently is into highlighting violence within the African American community, and particularly blames the females as the core problem.

I don’t have a thorough opinion on the guy. All I know is that I’m showing this because it made me furious. It reminded me of a couple of things.

And one of those things is what I see in grocery stores. It’s not of the same extremity as above, but I’m sure everyone has seen someone at least fervently curse at their very young child for just doing child things. Where am I getting at?

People with a lack of empathy can have children because our bodies can. Every time I hear about abuse and little children getting injured by any means, whether its bullying or threats, it boils me up.

I’d like to find a news article on this by the way. Was it really because of child support money?

Someone find her.


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