Beyblajya in Canada! Shu is Valt’s dad…| Doggie Digest of BEYBLADE BURST English Dub

“Let it Rip!” has returned. Beyblade Burst aired on on Teletoon just a few days ago, and I have to go to work soon, so this is my quick take on it.

BGM kept in and with the exception of the Beys, the names are kept in as well!

It’s recorded at Ocean Studios. So, we have some  familiar favorites such as Kelly Sheridan, Matt Hill, Richard Newman, Richard Ian Cox, and Cole Howard. Nelvana was mostly in charge of the Beyblade dubbing, so I was expecting the primary cast, especially Valt, to be voiced by males. In English dubs, in most cases anyways despite the studio crew, a male character voiced by a girl originally is voiced by a male. You can pick it out anywhere. Most notable example is probably Goku from Dragonball. There’s also Dan Kuso. Buuuuuut! It looks like Valt is voiced by a girl (named Sabrina?) after all! Sorry, I didn’t write down the entire list. Valt is nasally and so obnoxious that I think it fits. I can get over it.

What shocked me was Shu. ❤ LOL! How can I explain him? I kind of dig it. I can’t help but think of DEATH NOTE’S L (don’t think it’s him). Sounds about 30 so it was surprising. It fits the contrast of Valt quite well. Rival voice. Speaking of contrast…

Mat Hill sounds like Kiyama…Lord. I can’t think of another voice as geeky as Mr. Hill, who was Ryo Sanada and Kira Yamato. While he sounds like a jerk,  originally Kiyama sounds like the toughest character with a relatively amount of respect in combination with the short temper/immaturity. He is the Head Honcho/Kumicho after all.

As for Richard Ian Cox, my guess is that he’s Kensuke Midorikawa. Kensuke spoke briefly through his puppets, which was a little surprising. Wouldn’t be surprising, considering he was a dog kid before.


As for the Beyblades’ names, this is always a topic about raising mythology or divinity in such changes. Valtryek? Rockavor?! Are the myths even allowed? Now I wonder about Deathscyther, which will probably be Darkscyther unsurprisingly.

“Basics Basics Basic” = “Fundamentals! Fundamentals!” I guess it’s suits to fit those flaps!

I believe the pronunciation of Spriggan is correct? A creature from Cornish (south England) myth, Spyryjyon  = SPRAIJYAN.

Kelly Sheridan is always your mom or big sister. Valt’s mom?


2 thoughts on “Beyblajya in Canada! Shu is Valt’s dad…| Doggie Digest of BEYBLADE BURST English Dub

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