Doggie Digest for NARUTO OL: Hokage Ninja

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Many characters from NARUTO series, original characters, a somewhat messy but easy to understand interface, cutscenes from Naruto: Narutimate Hero game series (BANDAI NAMCO), Player vs Player arenas, teams, Japanese voice acting, and more. MMORPG will always tug into your compulsory game instincts, wondering where it will go. You want to get stronger, get more characters (because it’s freakin’ Naruto). etc

Temporarily, when I was making my first character, instead of literal translations for the originals’ names, they actually had unsophisticated Japanese names. It doesn’t look like I can see them anymore.

My main character is a Midnight Blade (黑夜之刃; kuroya no yaiba; literally “blade of the night”), known for his kenjutsu or sword techniques. He looks quiet and similar to Kakashi; after all, he is a lightning jutsu user. He’s good with critical hits and paralysis.

Here are the other characters:

红莲之瞳 (Scarlet Blaze). Literally Eye of Crimson Lotus (kurenai ren no hitomi; or kuren no hitomi). He actually has red eyes, and a mix between Sasuke and Naruto. A strategist that wears orange and black, and uses ninjutsu, primarily fire. He has this interesting will-o-wisp attack.

疾风舞者 (Breeze Dancer). Literally Storm Dancer (shippu maimono). She attacks using a fan and Rasengan. That means she uses wind ninjutsu Suitably looks like a geisha; therefore, she can charm the male characters using a sexy jutsu.

苍蓝之牙 (Azure Fang). Literally Fang of Indigo. First two Kanji or Hanja are blue and purple). A female that uses water ninjutsu and medical jutsu, including poison and healing. Acupuncture can seal your skills.

赤色岩拳 (Crimson Fist). Literally Red Rock Fist (akairo iwaken) and it’s suitable. Having hand-to-hand prowess, he can attack with high combo, knockdown enemies, and use defensive abilities.

I also have a little fun with the voice actor of Shizune, Nemoto Keiko:

“Nemoto san, let’s roll!”

Nemoto: “Huh? OK!”


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