Blessings and reveals | Doggie Digest of #91Days Ep 9 (Spoilers)

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One thing that I do like about this show is that it shows some Western  traditions that is usually absent in anime. Japanese-inclined anime. In Japan, people don’t hug or kiss each other unless it’s someone really close.

So we have something else.

A kiss means many things in mafia depending where.

Congrats to Nero!

I think that’s easily one of the best scenes of this episode due to the music. The tension surroundings Corteo’s actions is thick as a steak dinner, and watching Nero take the chair and have a casual drunk talk was relief (well, except that evil stare Avilio gave him. “Now, you could kill that child from seven years ago.”.


In the mafia, a kiss of the hand shows subservience. A kiss on the lips between men is not love, but more like a “family promise”. We don’t see that, but I’m putting that here just in case it were to happen. It usually means a departure, but despite that, the bonds remain strong. It’s also supposed to mean, according to tabloids,  that a crime member in custody is now allowed to talk.

Omerta – lock your lips for the family. We’ll talk about the Ten Commandments during “Hardboiled”. Ther e s another kiss – a strong kiss on the lips that shows that you’re about to die.

Back to the show – Corteo is in alot of trouble and Fango is 100% dead (but he’s not crossed out from the official site’s character map. Vanno and Serpente were crossed out by ep 3)

One again, another WTF ending. Man’s a good actor. It had to be someone we’ve seen and was in the family.


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