Doggie’s favorite #BLEACH fights (Part 1) #SPOILERS #ネタバレ #久保帯人

Little time, and too much you want to do.

I like rival rights, I like the outlandishly weird, I like the cunning and sneaky, and I sometimes like flashy and beautiful. Sometimes I like a good curbstomp. With long-running Japanese comic BLEACH composed by Kubo Tite (久保 帯人) having ended on an abrupt sour note, I’d like to contribute my thoughts of what might’ve been the series’ best fights. My initial idea was to do either “Top 10 fights” or just “Best characters” but it seems too much for my caliber and time. Plus, I have a bad memory…

But if it’s something kept in that said bad memory, then maybe it’s worth it!
According to Ichigo Kurosaki, the work’s main character, sometimes you got to beat some sense in others, especially your friends. Something along those lines. BLEACH was purely a shounen comic, a work that inclined to boys, with a ton of comedy and a ton of fighting. SO, let’s talk about fights.

And I swear, I swear I will put “Read more” tag on this time.

#SPOILERS #ネタバレ 

The anime ended at the Fullbringer arc, and I will talk about the arc succeeding that.

My plan is to do one or two per entry.

Fun Fact: Kubo Tite was inspired by Saint Seiya.


Tsukishima Shukuro vs Kuchiki Byakuya!

Arc: Fullbringer

I’ll be very honest — I love Tsukishima’s weapon, “Book of the End“. It is the most deceiving thing next to Aizen’s. It works by inserting himself into the memories of those he touches with his weapon. It can even manipulate the structure of inanimate objects, such as how it moves, what it does, etc. Lots of versatility. Byakuya, who is known to be very daring and barely losing a battle because he trained himself to be so strong, found himself outwitted as well (and Senbonzakura is nothing to mess with). Book of the End creates the belief that Tsukishima has seen Byakuya’s attacks routinely. So what does Byakuya do to handle this? By showing that he has versatility as well. His sword breaks, his training and openings are exploited, but Byakuya thought of something promptly by being reckless. It’s not something that he does. So now, he understood about fighting a battle without being fully prepared.

Byakuya is a favorite character of mine by the way. Indeed, he is dry, but Ichigo’s first real rival and is pretty strong.


Doggie’s Vault of favorite BLEACH characters

Urahara Kisuke vs Kurosaki Ichigo

Arc: Before “Soul Society” arc.

Urahara Kisuke is one of my favorite characters in BLEACH. It’d put him in TOP 3.
This is very straightforward fight. Kisuke trained Ichigo during his beginning stages. Rukia was taken to Soul Society and Ichigo’s zanpakuto was broken. His Zanpakuto needed to be restored, along with Ichigo’s death god abilities. Or rather, they needed to be stabilized? This is really where Kisuke shows off his ability (before Yammy), and it was only a fraction. At that time, we learn that he isn’t just an old goof and we slowly open a door to peek into his true identity. From Xellos to Shu, you got to like the guy who carries a shadow under a silly visage. You also like the guy who holds back, but his power still trembles and leaves an impression that says “This guy must be strong.” Urahara’s sword is Benihime, which has good offensive and defensive abilities.

“Can you see it? The resolve in my sword?”


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