Doggie Advice V + Interesting people #story

First of off, I want to apologize for not putting a Read More Tag in my 91 Days post about episode 8. I just realized it this morning that the spoilers weren’t covered, and I just added the tag. It turns out I only put a horizontal line.

I also realized that I had two similar categories: “Words of Wisdom/Advice” and “Acts of Kindness & Advice“. I don’t think there was supposed to be two.

Again, I’ve been a little miserable with the job for common reasons. It’s opposite  what I said in my previous Doggie Advice because not only complaining about the job won’t make you feel better or work easier, people don’t realize that it can get your fired. It can also prevent you from getting hired, showing resent towards a previous position. Let’s say that it’ll follow you into the new job.

I also said that any labor come with its charms, especially working with people. Semesters back, I did an incomplete essay about homelessness. Thinking back on it now, I indeed cared about the topic.

So, this week and last week, I spoke with a homeless boy and a nice, elderly Trump “supporter”. For the later, I believe we should help the handicapped a bit more when it comes to carrying loads. We ended up talking a lot since I was loading her car trunk. She seemed to have plenty of sense, but when it comes to asking about what does “Make America Great again” slogan mean, no one can tell me a definition. Such as why “again”? Did it decline? According to her, her husband is a big Trump Supporter too. She ended up saying that she’s not for the other party candidate.

At least she’s resolute and will vote.

As for the homeless boy, apparently he took himself to the streets because of family problems. He’s trying to get work and he’s on a waiting list for shelter services. Until then, he uses money from bottle returns for food. Like I said before, the majority of Michigan’s homelessness is situated in the southeast of the lower peninsula. However, he had beer bottles that couldn’t be returned? Even though one guy allowed him to do so? I thought that was odd because you see them [beer/wine bottles] carried in before. The store he goes in did not accept his bottles.

Indeed. He could be full of it. He could be lying to get me to pity him, but someone will listen to what you say, especially after facing rejection. Sometimes; if not now, then maybe later. Wasn’t sure on what to say. So I told him simply to “never give up and keep going”. A frustrating cliche remark that may suggest that I don’t get it at all and I should never say that. In all honesty, I thought it was best for him to stay away from abusive situation. The issue is that we hate waiting, especially when younger (and he’ll probably won’t get that), and fall on our knees when turned down too much.

I don’t have what it takes,” you may think. Or you may be thinking of a timeline, or “nothing it going my way“.

Anyone can tell you that those who succeeded had, first, faced a lot of rejection. If the momentum slows down, those who are hiring will see someone that not only “hasn’t worked”, but also “hasn’t tried to”. That should be life wisdom in general.  It only gets better or worse for you “when you start” and I think homeless service will help the boy as well. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t give him money but I was working and didn’t have any one me. All l could do was offer energy to be inspiring.

Also, he said “Hey, thank you!” senpai!

Two weeks back, there was a panhandler for bus fare. I’ve seen at least two, returning to the same location. Seems too strange to me. Go where? Second thought, where did you come from and why would you come back to ask? Again, I didn’t ask for the circumstances. Perhaps the best idea is to find more stories. I also heard of a story about a customer being stalked by beggars after she goes grocery shopping.

Speaking of “keep going”, I’m trying to see if I can change my position at my job. It may determine whether I stay there or not. It’s difficult to leave nice people, but it’s all about you. And I’d like to fix my life. If I do leave, I might keep in touch on social media.


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